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Virtual Gallery Summer 2021

Robert Barrett

Chicago, Illinois

My artwork takes a broad look at humanity and how we relate to each other and our place in the universe. I suppose focusing on one specific aspect of this concept is less important to me than pursuing it in a broad sense. As Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and other scientists are influencing my thought process more intensely in the recent past, I notice my work has become celestial and abstract. I thoroughly enjoy experimentation, not only with subject matter, but how I utilize the medium of choice, mostly acrylic.

Recently, I've become more interested in the idea of quantum entanglement, and have tried to represent that, at least in some sense, in my paintings.

Zibonai Bonilla

Romeoville Illinois

My creative work includes acrylic paint, grey glass tile, paper mache and 3-Dimensional materials. The main focus is an asian woman in a kimono. She is in the center of the art piece with her mouth covered by a folding hand fan. The color scheme consist of contrasting colors of orange, blue and warm complimentary colors.

Stephanie Broussard

Chicago, Illinois


My paintings provide new perspectives to everyday spaces through the act of flipping, turning, shifting, and rearranging personal surroundings. In the face of a global pandemic where we are advised to keep a six-foot-distance from people in our communities, we face a reality where we are continually considering the space between ourselves and others. Within the in-between space from others lies room for exploration of the objects, creatures, and structures which make up our realities. My paintings contain images that are more than everyday spaces; these are emotionally and personally charged places that I have selected to paint. These are remembered spaces from my past that I have questioned, altered, revisited, and tried to see in a new way.

I seek to confuse our spatial understanding on the canvas as an attempt to dismantle my own preconceived expectations surrounding the human/space hierarchy found in painting. What lies at the root of each of these images is how our we simultaneously alter ourselves to our environment and how these spaces are altered by our presence. Through a continual dialogue between humans and that which exists around us we can foster a mutually beneficial and respectful interaction to promote a healthy ecology throughout all spaces.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, I received my Bachelor of Fine Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 and my Master of Fine Art from Washington State University in May of 2021.

Holly Campbell

Surprise, Arizona

The pieces here are part of a larger body of work titled, "The Width of a Circle". All the pieces include at least one circle. I love the shape of a circle, and what it can represent. Beginnings, endings, coming full circle, starting again, potential, wholeness, separateness, protection, and even joy.

Salvador Campos

Chicago, Illinois


I am currently working on a series of paintings that are inspired by petroglyphs & cave drawings.

Melanie Gerules

Evanston, Illinois


Painting is how I try to form a picture that is impressive. I do strive for realism, but try to let the painting as a whole dictate how rendered the subject needs to be. The subject is rarely impressive. Sometimes the objects in the still life are dull but I find that it is a vehicle for good painting anyway and deep in myself I have to paint it, though I am repelled by it.