Virtual Gallery Winter 2021

Welcome to the Homewood Arts Council's second virtual gallery. We are excited to feature the works of these talented artists. Enjoy! Click on the gallery to view full size and to see descriptions and pricing. If you are interested in purchasing a piece from this exhibit, please email us at


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Holly Campbell

Surprise, Arizona

“The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on. Entering the world of dreams and never coming out. Living in dreams for the rest of time.” - Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

These collages are all about dreams. All collages are made using mixed-media. I employ mono-printing, alcohol inks on paper, glitter glue, acrylic stars, stickers, ephemera, papers, stamps, small found objects, duct tape etc.

Nakia Dukes

Chicago, Illinois

I started a Hiphop album cover series for my past solo art show. Each print is dedicated to some of my favorite album covers with my own animated twist using cartoon characters.

Latia Jackson

Calumet Park, IL


Constant theme in my work consist of African Americans; whether it be political, expressive, honorable or comical. I express both of those elements through color and exaggeration.

Stacy Lovejoy

Chicago, Illinois

I believe we were born almighty. And if you can imagine something, you have the ability to materialize it. And the faster you realize it, the sooner the surroundings change to make it real. 

I have always believed that everyone has the right to self-expression and to being different. It has become a solid foundation for my entire art practice, in which my mission is to empower people by activating their mode of feeling almighty, and free of any boundaries, norms, and traditions established by society. 

Using my body as a primary tool, I globalize the ideas of total freedom in self-expression, self-development, and self-love.

Elaine Luther

Forest Park, Illinois

My work is about expressing ideas, feelings, complaints, protests, in the form of something that people recognize. These have included medals, household shrines, tiny houses, and clothing. I have expressed frustration about housework, grief about the death of my child, made abstract work about the challenge of juggling it all. Currently I am working with clothing and the house form. Houses are seen in the Jungian tradition as a metaphor for self. Some of my Tiny Houses are about identity and feelings. While the Tiny Houses are about emotions and memory, the wearable art (which may or may not ever be worn) is all about protest and craftivism, using traditional methods of women’s handwork, applied to commercially made garments. I use appliqué, embroidery, found quilt blocks, textile collage and quilting, together with quotes, poems and slogans to get the viewer to take a look at my message, to pay attention.

Peter Marlo

Chicago, Illinois

Tanner Miller

Chicago, Illinois


Tanner Miller is a Chicago-based multi-media artist. Having grown up as a queer person living in the deep south their art has always been a lifeline and a way to express that which they were not allowed to express in the deep south radical Christian environment they grew up in. They now use their work to explore relationships, thought, emotions, abuse, and depression. Their work has been featured in the digital exhibition Mostly Black held by Gurushots in 2018, as well as album covers for Sunrise Ambience, SADSQUAX and Zach Miller. 

I created these prints as a series exploring movement an color within a frame. Using something created for the production an reproduction of the same shape, I told a story within each of those shapes, colors moving and mixing until the last frame where the piece though the same frame, is an entirely different representation of its original form. 

I then took these frames and arranged them into a looping video with audio. This loop allows one to see the changing and flowing aspect of the original prints, and acts as a call to meditation, drawing the eyes in. You can watch that with the link below.

Bre Mishoe

Homewood, Illinois


I am a Gullah Geechee creator. The common theme shown in my work is Black American and West-African culture. I often view Afropunk festival fashion for a push of inspiration.

Tom Mulqueen

Orland Park, Illinois


My work is a celebration of color and form. Having been trained in more traditional media, with a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute, i now do primarily digital painting. This offers a virtually limitless arena for artistic expression. I often begin with a photo or just a splash of color, then manipulate, paint, and draw until my images takes shape, telling me what it wants to be. My abstracts are displays of emotions open to interpretation. My contemporary pieces are often whimsical and lyrical. I have yet to become loyal to one specific style, and I’ve been creating art for more than 50 years.

Nicole Van Dyken

Chicago, Illinois


I am a visual artist with a love for vibrant colors. I specialize in pen stippling and digital collage but I also love painting and pencil drawing. My favorite thing about being an artist is being able to express myself visually. As a former poet I once used words to cryptically express my secrets, fears, hopes, dreams, goals and opinions; now I use art. A lot of my work is meant to tell a story and I enjoy taking even the most morbid tale and adding strength and hope to it through color. My art is often inspired by music as well as growth, resulting in my depictions of lush and wild plant-life. I am also very much inspired by the works of Henri Rousseau, Frida Khalo and Vincent Van Gogh.